What are Curvy Jeans and Where to Get Them

The main reason why curvy jeans came onto the market was because many women find it extremely difficult to find a pair of jeans that will fit them correctly.  They are designed to fit the more shaped figure as this type of  figure will have a high waist to hip ratio. They were also designed for those figures which are maybe carrying a bit of additional weight, by this we simply mean a more fuller figure.

If you are one of those women that has a narrow waist and maybe a generous booty, then you can be suffering from extreme gaping at the rear waist of your jeans, this can be both embarrassing and annoying. You may also find that your jeans ride low when you sit down, which ultimately reveals more than you would want to as well as being uncomfortable.

You also get a choice of what to wear, as curvy jeans are available in a lot of different styles. I think that this is an important point, just because you want or need a pair of denim jeans it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be stylish or fashionable. Gone are the days when, just because your body shape was a bit different to the mainstream, you had to put up with getting what you could. You can now get jeans that cater for the more fashion conscious amongst us.

Curvy Jeanscurvy jeans

With designer jeans you get the best of both worlds. You get a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly and you also get that designer look that makes you feel great. Designers have realized that there is big money in making clothes that fit real women, living in the real world. My designer jeans happen to be my lucky jeans, something good always seems to happen when I wear them.

I like going shopping and being able to ask for curvy jeans rather than asking, or more to the point, not asking, for plus size jeans. No more embarrassment. I have a fuller figure and I am proud of it.

A lot, if not all of the major brands are now producing curvy jeans in a variety of styles. PZI jeans have some of the best fitting curvy skinny jeans on the market. Gap also do some good jeans and when you combine that with their reputation for good quality clothing then you really cannot lose. Gap also do some rather nice trouser jeans and some particularly nice khaki jeans.curvy jeans

Lee and Levi both produce some great classic curvy jeans for women. Levi jeans always leave me feeling nostalgic so I love the fact that I can get stylish jeans from a brand I have used for more years than I care to admit. I am not sure whether NYDJ Jeans have a curvy range or not but why not shop around and have a look for yourself.

Once you have decided on the type of jeans you would like to get you then have an abundance of places to buy them from. There are of course large department stores and shopping malls. There are also those smaller boutiques that you can only find with local knowledge, the kind of place you can find those one of a kind pair of distressed jeans.

Online shopping is increasing at such a huge rate as well, this is because you get the convenience of shopping from home and ease of being able to compare prices and dig out that bargain that we all love.

Whatever style of curvy jeans you are looking for, you know now that you have plenty of choice, not only on what style you get but also from where you get them. Style, variety and choice, what more could you ask for. Happy shopping.